Tox Researcher RDC53 Mapping

The Altox Systems aims to facilitate the research process about a compound and to help in obligations pointments for impurities.

Tox Researcher - a search tool that combines keywords with molecular descriptors given by user to find related links - like web pages and documents.

RDC53 Mapping - a bonding application for impurities and degradation products. With this tool it is possible to evaluate which degradation products or impurities should be notified, identified and / or qualified.

Altox is an alternative toxicology services company located in Brazil, with resources focused on toxicity assessment for regulatory purposes.

It utilizes advances in toxicology and in silico methodologies for the assessment of new molecules, drug substances, biocides, cosmetics ingredients, food ingredients or contact-materials, degradation products, impurities, residues, and contaminants. The company now provides advanced machine learning services for pharmaceutical, skin care, food, biocidal, and fine chemistry companies.